IHerb Haul

I made an order approximately 1 week ago with Iherb.com for only a few items. I am thinking of doing a large order some time soon. Iherb.com sells make up products, skin care, bath and body products, supplements, pet goods, groceries and all this good stuff for some times cheaper then its in store retail price.

This is probably my third order i have made with them, I have found delivery excellent, usually within a week the order comes to your door. It is packaged very well, compacted in a cardboard box with a big air bag inside, When you sign up, you are given a unique six-digit rewards code which you can then give to family and friends when they make their first order. I took this little blurb from the Iherb.com website to give you an idea of how it works.

Benefits to you –
– For new customer referrals: You will earn 6% in Rewards based on the purchase price of the products your referrals order now, or within the current one-year period, and 2% after the first year.
– For current customer referrals: You will earn ongoing Rewards from any specifically recommended products your referrals order for the first time, and reorder in the future. If they have joined iHerb within the past one-year period, you will earn 6%. If they joined us more than one year ago, you will earn 2%.


So what I ordered from Iherb.com!


First product is a lip product from Hurraw. It is in the flavour Black cherry, and it literally smells like Starburst cherry. Its a tinted lip balm which glides on your lips like butter. This product is made from premium organic, vegan and raw ingredients.


The second product i ordered is the Real Techniques Miracle Complex sponge by Sam and Nic Chapman, who some of you might know as Pixee-woo from Youtube. It is orange in colour with a round edge and a flat edge. To use this product, it can be either damp or dry. Its primary use is for liquid foundations which helps blend easier and I believe it takes away the excess foundation usually left on the top surface of your skin.


The third product I ordered is the Elf Make up Lock & Seal. I cannot wait to try this as it states it will intensify your make up colours and lock it in instantly which I guess helps with the longevity of your make up for a longer wear if needed. The box says you can use this with eye liner, shadow, lipsticks, blush, brow colour and more.


The last product I ordered was another Elf product, the Flawless finish foundation in buff. It has SPF 15 and is oil free. The back of the packaging states it evens out  skin tone for a beautiful semi-matte finish that lasts all day. This product comes in a frosted glass bottle with a pump applicator. I believe this is a dupe for Chi-Chi Fabulous and Flawless foundation. I cannot wait to test this out and do a review on the product. Im not sure on the colour as it seems quite a dark tone, but ill give it a try.

I really love Iherb.com and i will continue to purchase from them. Shipping is not bad cost wise at all either as i forgot to mention this at the beginning. I hope after reading this, you go and have a look for yourself. You can find almost anything, including natural, organic products.

I do have my code if you want to use it. It is HWW829.

Thanks for reading!!!!!

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