End of April Haul! ** MAKE UP, HAIR, FACE, PERFUME **

Hi friendly people! Must i say, it is a wet gloomy day here in Brisbane, Australia.

I have come across some great bargains and have bought new beauty products including make up and face products. I can’t believe how much stuff I have actually bought, but i haven’t spent much! Some of the products my sister, Simmy, also bought me as she was on a trip to Sydney and lucky her, she got to go into Sephora, so big thank you to Simmy for getting me a couple of pressies. I did an Iherb order as well which is all E.L.F products! By the way, if you haven’t heard of Iherb, it is an excellent discount online store. If you would like to make an order for your first time, i have a discount code which gets you 10% off your first order. The discount code is HWW829.

The sephora products that were a present to me from my sister are the Benefits Pore-fessional (which I have been desperately wanting) and 2 Sephora brand face masks, the Pomegranate one which is Antioxidant and Energizing which the packaging is red and the other mask is Jobs Tears which is for Whiting and Moisturising, in the white silver/white packaging.
IMG_3917I finally picked up the AContour Contouring and Highlighting kit, i cannot wait to try this baby out. With the contour kit, i got a free make up case and a beach bag from Big W, bargain! I cannot wait to try the Australis Go Camo concealer, it says it is full coverage. It definitely seems it when you test it. Any suggestions on the best way of using it would be, if you have used it before. I picked up 2 illuminators by Savvy. The quality seems pretty good from what i’ve tested. I am going to try it on my eyes as a base. Also, from Iherb i got the Elf blush in the colour Pink Passion. I don’t own a blush in this colour yet.
IMG_3951The next products are the most exciting part of make up for me. Lipsticks!!!!!

From left to right: Australis Color Inject in the colour Ballet which is a pretty nude pink colour. I love the Color Inject range, they are such a good formula and they are good quality products. The colour range is amazing as well, they have a colour for everybody, if your a nude person, dark person, bright person, there will be a colour for you! Next colour’s are from Napoleon in colours Florence and Marseilles. I don’t know to much about this brand, the pink colour works well, but i’m not to keen on the red colour. It takes a few layers to get a vibrant noticable colour. I didn’t pay full price for these, they were $5.00 each from Big W. I am willing to make them work :)! The next colour along is my new favourite, Chi Chi Vivi La Diva range, matte in the colour Spenderella, holy moly, i am inlove with this colour. It has definite staying power. It is described as bright deep purple plum colour. I am inlove and i will definitely be going back to buy more of this range. What colour do you think!!!!???? The last lipstick is one i got from Iherb in the colour Posh, again E.L.F brand. It is a lovely deep rose red colour. I haven’t tried this yet so i will let you know how i go with that.
IMG_3922Now for eyes! Firstly on my Iherb order i ordered an 18 piece set of eye shadows in a small palette, its by E.L.F. The colours seem so nice and its more of the neutral colours which i am yet to try. My sister picked me up the second palette which is by the brand Technic, this is a pure matte coloured palette. I have been trying to find the perfect matte colour eye shadow for my crease and it is possible that it might be in the palette. The third one is a single shadow called Hello Goldie by the Essence Metal Glam range, considering the low price of the Essence eye shadows, this one is amazingly pigmented and i’m pretty excited to try this in a look.
IMG_3957Lash Extending Mascara from E.L.F and an under eye concealer and highlighting liquid stick that i am pretty excited to try out. I have pretty bad under eye circles, so i am hoping this brightens them beauties up. I picked up a Savvy eye brow pencil to try out and i am shopping for a new eye brow pencil. I am wanting badly to try the Anastasia Beverley Hills dip brow pomade or the brow wiz, but for the time being i am looking for the cheaper ones. Also in my Iherb order i decided after a long while, that i would buy the E.L.F Cosmetics High Definition Under eye setting powder. I have seen Shaaanxo from Youtube uses this, and she always says how good it is so I want to try it out and see how it works to keep everything in place.
IMG_3960Perfumes!!!! Perfumes!!!! Now as you may be aware, or may not be aware, I am 100% pro Kim Kardashian. She is queen to me. I am slowly getting my Kim Kardashian perfume collection complete. I pick up the Pure Honey which is up there with my favourite Gold Kim Kardashian. It has a warm honey scent but its a sophisticated scent, very lady like. The second one is Fleur Fatale Kim Kardashian. This one has more of a rose floral scent which is very pretty, i feel this would be so nice for ‘Date Night’ or a wedding scent. I am inlove with the packaging as well. Third one is Fire&Ice buy Revlon, this is such an amazing scent. It is a warm musk scent with slight warm floral mixed in. Love love love it!
IMG_3974I received a package from NKDbody which made me extremely happy because i love this hair product. I went from have dead ends as awhile ago i decided to experiment with bleaching hair to get that white blonde colour. Anywho, when Brittney Lee Saunders from Youtube started her company called NKDBody, i was extremely excited to try the hair masque out. After using one packet up, my hair felt so soft and nourished. I will wash my hair normally, then once my hair is towel dried, ill use a generous amount of this and lather it on my hair then have it in over night before washing it out in the morning. Seriously an amazing product! I highly recommend this. Luckily, NKDbody have been generous and have given me a discount code for my readers to use as many times as they want during the month of May. The code is ‘ BJCA1505 ‘ which will give you 10% off any product on the site. This code works for the desktop website, not mobile for the moment. You can use this code as many times as you want with as many orders as your heart desires. Perfect for first timers.

Thanks so much for reading lovely people of this world! I hope you enjoyed seeing my new products. I hope that this has given you an idea of some new products to try out if you haven’t already or if your looking for new stuff to use :).

Take care wonderful, remember a smile can always brighten up a dull day.

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