Today I thought i would do a review as I have not done a review in such a long time. This one has been a long time coming as my collection has slowly increased.

As you may have seen in Social Media, to be more exact in the Beauty World, an American company, Morphe Brushes has become such a well-known company in such a short amount of time. Reason why in my opinion is because their products are simply gorgeous and amazing. To be more exact, I am going to be talking about their eye shadow palettes.

At the moment, I own 4 of the eye shadow palettes out of 11 which are available at the moment. The palettes I own are 35B Glam palette, 35D Dark Smoky palette, 35N Matte palette and 35S Smoky Eye palette. The 35 stands for how many shadows are in the palette. They have a range of different textures from shimmer to matte, glittery to satin. As I live in Australia, I felt shipping from USA for these palettes is slightly over priced and I was concerned, due to the travel, that they might be broken by the time they got in my hands. I ordered mine from an Australian online site called I purchased them for $35.00AUD and shipping was $9.00AUD. For you who live in America or elsewhere, you can order these palettes directly from the Morphe Brushes website. You can buy eye shadows individually from the site however I don’t believe the colours in the palettes are individually for sale, but you can purchase similar colours individually.
IMG_4829-001I had heard so much about how spectacular the shadows were from numerous youtube beauty gurus, namely Jaclyn Hill. I remember watching a video when she had first come across the company and now she has her own collaboration palette with them which unfortunately I didn’t get my hands on as each time they bought them in stock, they were gone so quickly!

The colours in these palettes are beautifully pigmented, they have such a soft, buttery texture. You can feel it when you swatch how silky smooth they feel. They are high-end eye shadows for the affordable drug store prices. I am highly in love with them and will be buying more and more! I feel that the colour range in these palettes is fantastic as you can do so many looks by just using the one palette. They are highly pigmented, and i find they are easy to blend on the eye and you do not have to layer when on the eye as the pigment is so good. The only con about the actual palettes is that you cannot replace an empty shadow.

Below i have shown you the amazing colour range that i have so far, SO FAR i said πŸ™‚ (from top to bottom – 35S, 35B, 35D & 35N)
IMG_4837-001 IMG_4836-001 IMG_4835-001 IMG_4833-001I have taken a few swatches of my favourite colours in these palettes, i’ll tell you my favourite colours are mostly the shimmery, metallic coloured ones.
IMG_4856-001 IMG_4857-001As i said, I am highly inlove with these palettes. I will for my next post show you a look using these palettes to show you the greatness of the colours. Leave a comment if you have any of Morphe Brushes products and let me know what you think of them.

Hope you have a splendid day/night where ever you are in this big beautiful world.
Thanks for reading


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