Sister Sister Tag feat. Lil Simmy

I apologize for being MIA for a small time. Family situations, always fun times 🙂

Hi beautiful friends! I thought I would do something a little different on my blog, my blog is all about make up and beauty, I thought I’d incorporate a Sister tag as Sisters are always beautiful, aren’t they! This tag is more so my sister answering questions about me, so why don’t I start by telling you a bit about my sister.

Simmy,  or Simone is my little sister. She is 23 years old which makes us 2 years apart. Simmy was born on July 22nd, 1992 making her a Cancer. Her role in life was to be a play mate for me as told by my parents. Simmy has auburn hair and has a lovely pale complexion. I would say we are very similar but yet as much as we are similar we are very different. My sister is my best friend. By the way, she does like to use colourful worlds in her vocabulary so beware of the following :)! Let’s say we don’t have much of a filter 🙂

So now you know a little bit about her, here are the questions and her answers.

1. Who is the oldest? Bianca
2. Any nicknames? Bee, Biwanker, Baby bitch.
3. Funniest memory? When Bee was getting angry at rocky cause he was barking and slipped over in algae on the footpath all i saw was her blue jumper than boom nothing and just heard owwww.
4. Most memorable argument? Cant remember what the argument was about but it ended in me throwing cards in bees porridge and she cried and locked herself in her room and called daddy.
5. Most cherished memory? Too many cherished memories too name just one.
6. Old Photos? Plenty of old photos before brows were even a thing, just not on my phone. (These aren’t old, but i thought i would add them into the blog, love bianca).
IMG_20150306_174157              IMG_20150307_151022 IMG_20150612_2056577. Last thing we spoke about? The fact that i go and eat at her house because its always dinner time i end up there 😉 than leave.
8. Are you close? Weirdly close some would say LOL
9. What annoys you the most about your sister? The faces bianca pulls when she is getting aggitated but doesnt want you to know shes aggitated.
10. Do you hang out and do things together? We hang out every chance we get cause we both have really annoying hours with our jobs but even if its going to do groceries its fun.
11. Are you competitive? Holy shit balls, when it comes to makeup and beauty related we are pretty competitive. But thats about it.
12. Have you ever fancied one your siblings friends? I cant say i have, all bees guys friends took me in as a little sister and are super protective so bit hard to fancy any of them boys.
13. One thing you can do that your sister can’t? A perfect cateye 😉 haha shes getting there though also fit her bum into size 12 pants cause she has nicki minaj probs.
14. Who is the best looking? Me obviously..
15. Who is the most creative? We are both pretty creative just in different ways.


This was my sister tag and I would love to see your sister tag, or even brother tag!

sister love

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