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Hi guys!

Seriously has been way too long!

2016 started off differently for me this year. For about 6 months,  so probably since June 2015, I had been doing so much research and contemplating and all those things you do before you make a big decision. It’s not a big decision like buying a house or travelling around the world… my decision and my mind finally was made up to start eating a vegan,  plant based food lifestyle.

I made my decision to have my last bit of animal meat product on Christmas and Boxing day of 2015, I then had my last piece of dairy product on 31st December 2015. 1st of January was my day of of living animal product free in my way of eating.

3 months later,  I am still going strong and proud of eating a vegan, plant based lifestyle! I eat a high carb, low fat “diet” which is based on a lot of fruit (bananas mostly cause I love them) vegetables, potatoes, pasta, rice, legumes and beans! I am more willing to experiment with flavours, spices etc.

My first reason and why I made the decision was because of all the research I had done on the health benefits and what you can achieve eating no animal products. I suffer from hypothyroidism and have done for several years. I take medication for it on a daily basis. I also am an asthmatic and am/was a severe hayfever sufferer of which I would take polaromine every morning and every night and also a sinus sufferer since I can remember.

Within the first week of having no dairy, no meat at all, no eggs or cheese, i noticed the biggest change in my hayfever. I wasn’t waking up sneezing or congested, or running to get my polaromine. This kind of came as a surprise to me because I hadn’t given myself high hopes of ever getting rid of hayfever. I have not seen or felt a hit of my asthma, I’m not scared to laugh to much as I used to and I would get an instant tight chest, and slight difficulty in breathing.

Not once have I thought that I miss meat, believe me, I was a big steak lover. I also use to be the biggest cup of tea lover… i have an English (Uk) family haha.

I am loving my life and I’m loving every small change I am feeling and seeing. By seeing I mean,  I am very slowly losing weight which I wasn’t at all expecting. I am more energetic and happier. My mind is so clear and I don’t recall the last time I felt any stressful feelings. I now exercise every day with my partner who is also on his own health journey.

From the eating side of things… has all so unexpectedly, come the feeling of being involved and feeling strongly about the ethical side of veganism and mostly thinking more about the animals who are being used, abused and slaughtered just so people can have a juicy steak on their plate each night.

The questions… where do you get your protein, where do you get your calcium… etc… i never can come up with the exact answer on the spot but I always say anything you believe you can get from an animal based product, you will find more of it in any plant based food. Plant based foods have everything the body wants and needs as the human species are frugivores… see the below chart 😊


I am proud to be one less person affecting the planet and supporting the horrible ways our animals are treated.

I urge people to watch these three documentaries as they are simply the truth… if they don’t change your mind or even get you thinking,  I would be very surprised.

Earthlings (hidden camera footage about the different industries from puppy mills to factories)
Forks over Knives (health benefits etc)
Cowspiracy (environmental effects, animal agriculture)

Also a youtube video which helps answer some questions and opens your eyes quickly.

” The best speech ever ” by Gary Yourofsky –

Here are a few YouTube channels which I urge you to follow!
– Freelee Banana Girl –
– Durian rider –
– Banana TV –

Anyway, I wanted to do a little post just giving you an idea of what has been happening so far since 2016 began for me. Comment below and tell me… was there anything you changed in 2016 or do you have any goals.

#govegan #dontharmanimals #ilovefood #hclf

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